The Prayer Shift

The Prayer Shift

Prayer is supernatural work that Paul tells us to do nonstop in 1 Thessalonians 5: 17, “Pray without ceasing.” That requires a 24/7/365 commitment to supernatural communication that changes the natural. Envision a heavenly distribution system that transports our requests from earth to God in Heaven. This series will help you understand why we pray, how we pray, what to pray, when to pray, who we should pray for, and how to practically pray around the clock. Prayer is not a program, a transaction, or a religious exercise. Prayer is a way of life. Your shift starts now.

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We begin The Prayer Shift series by making the case for praying nonstop. Learn about the spiritual work that every believer is called to–why we pray, how we pray, prayer in the Bible, and the types of prayer.

We continue answering last week’s Why Do We Pray question by going deeper into prayer as communication with God, and we finish it off by exposing the many hindrances to prayer.

This week is a thorough investigation of the many types of prayer in the Bible with practical examples of each one so that you will make the prayer shift and know how to strengthen your prayer life.

Now that you know why you should pray and the types of prayers, the next step is to know how. Traditionally called The Lord’s Prayer, this lesson covers the model for prayer given by Jesus in Matthew, chapter 6.

After we address the Father as representatives of Jesus, and we understand His character through His names, this teaching takes us through the rest of Jesus’ instructions for how to pray for provision, forgiveness, and temptation.

Kim dives into the power of your prayers and prayer as a lifestyle. With examples from Elijah, she asks the question, “Who is waiting for the power that is coming out of your mouth in prayer?”

Gwen finishes out the series with the prayers of Jesus as examples to us and how to use our worries as fuel to fashion them into prayers that shift the atmosphere.

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