The Lord’s in Trouble

The Lord’s in Trouble

Trouble is a part of life–whether we bring it on ourselves or it’s thrust upon us. The beautiful thing about it is that Psalms 91: 15 says, “When he calls on me, I will answer; I will be with him in trouble and rescue him and honor him.” In this series, we define trouble, show you how to deal with it, break down the rewards of trouble, and clarify its purpose. You will learn how to find the blessing and access your strength in the middle of troubling situations.


No matter what you are facing, it is important to understand the types of trouble that come your way. Trouble can be separated into three categories: 1) personal, 2) people, and 3) events.


Your Mind, Will, Emotions, and Physical Body


Marriage, Family, Work, Friends and Church


Natural Disasters, War, Death & Loss, Economy, Layoff, Accidents & Crime

In Part 1 of The Lord’s in Trouble, we define trouble in all its forms, the three types, how to deal with it, and the rewards.

In Part 2 of The Lord’s in Trouble, we review the types of trouble and then dive into the purpose of trouble with examples from the Word of God.

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