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At God Stalkers we are here to help you develop a deeper connection to Christ, to other believers, and to the Church. Our Connection Series is designed to help you grow spiritually and experience more meaningful relationships.

Salvation 101: Learn the scriptural foundation for salvation, what it means to be a Christian, the lifestyle of the believer, and the role of the local church

Baptism 201: We will teach you about both water and Holy Spirit baptism and their importance in your walk with Christ

We Are Family 301: Discover why we exist, membership, and how to connect with your church family

Gifts Camp 401: Understand your purpose, your gifts, and your role in the church

Called to Lead 501: A complete overview of ministry leadership

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God Stalkers | Kim Whyatt and Gwen Witherspoon

In the Connection Series Kim Whyatt and Gwen Witherspoon provide foundational instruction for the personal growth of the believer and practical teaching resources for discipleship.

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