God Stalkers is led by Kim Whyatt and Gwen Witherspoon. We met virtually via Zoom in 2018. We endeavor to produce innovative & practical resources to inspire and empower God Stalkers to seek God fully. If you are serious about learning, growing, and connecting with likeminded Christ followers, this is for you.

Being a Christian is not just the socially acceptable thing that “good people” do. It is an all-in or all-out proposition. Either Jesus is who He said He is, or He’s not. And if He is the Lord, that means that He is in control of every aspect of our lives. It’s not about religion. It’s about a living, breathing relationship based on the fact that we are no longer our own. We are here to live the life God planned for us. We exist to please God.

The Bible clearly says that believers are to knock, to follow, to seek, and to study. We’re supposed to hunger and thirst. [Sounds like stalking to us.] How would your relationship with God change if you took on the mindset of a “pathological follower and tab-keeper of another”?

Join us for a weekly only group. Every three weeks (or so), we will cover a different study series to help you become and make disciples of every nation. Register to get updates and links.

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God Stalkers is an online club for pathological Christ followers. We are desperately knocking, seeking, studying, and following hard after Jesus, our heart's desire, so that we can be like Him. Access our video library for personal and group study.